Gutshof Unterbessenbach
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Experience unforgettable moments at Gutshof Unterbessenbach, the exclusive event location in the heart of Germany, not far from Frankfurt. Whether it’s a romantic wedding, a lavish party, a stylish dinner party or a perfectly organized business event - with the multitude of unique locations and its dreamlike park, our historic estate offers the ideal place for your celebration.

Gutshof Unterbessenbach is as individual as your wishes. The spacious property offers a wide variety of locations to you, with the castle and the elegantly renovated farm buildings, each with its own charm and character. Regardless of whether you expect 30, 100 or 500 guests, you will find the perfect premises for every occasion.

Those looking for something special, will definitely love Gutshof Unterbessenbach. Whether casual and relaxed, exclusive, exuberant or serious - with us, you will find the perfect place for your event idea.

We want you to be perfectly happy. Whether flower arrangements, exclusive food and drinks or the right sound for your celebration - we would be happy to advise you individually and personally on the countless service options that the Gutshof Unterbessenbach can offer you in addition to simply renting the premises.

A place like the Unterbessenbach manor is more than the sum of its parts. The history and the magic of the place can still be felt and discovered today: by walking past the Renaissance gate to the inner courtyard, where a reference to the origin of the manor in 1577 can be found. Or when the view of the castle park shows rare and centuries-old giant trees - everyone with their own story. Hospitality has been lived here from the very beginning: with tea and pastries in the afternoon, fine dinners at the large table or lavish balls. King Ludwig I and his wife Therese already loved this place. Mostly unannounced, "so as not to make a fuss," as it was said, they were driven Unterbessenbach during their summer residence in Aschaffenburg and enjoyed the special atmosphere of the place. Experience this magic yourself. Our estate meets all the requirements of a modern, diverse event location. Centrally located in the heart of Germany near Frankfurt, the area not only has almost optimal transport connections. but above all through a variety of very different rooms, we can offer the right stage for your very own event concept. Whether a wedding, business event, manager workshop, photo shoot or team building weekend - your guests are guaranteed to feel completely at home in Gutshof Unterbessenbach.


Let your eyes wander: with over 6,000 m² Gutshof Unterbessenbach has plenty of event space. With every glance every building oft he historic manor reveals further, exciting details from centuries-old family tradition. Where each tree tells its own story and the family-run rose garden - with over 70 different types of roses - puts a smile on the face of even connoisseurs, a trip to the Unterbessenbach estate is definitely worth the drive.